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Dominion Business Credit Assurance

Contract Finance Solutions


Your Large Purchase Orders with


Got a Purchase Order? Call Our Toll-free Support Line at (800) 381-0073 ext. 201

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Our Core Capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Business Credit Assurance?
    Business Credit Assurance is a commercial credit product and is not a loan or insurance product. Credit Assurance is used to establish net-30 day credit terms with suppliers to finance large Purchase Orders without the need for a bank loan or credit lines.
  • Why do I need Business Credit Assurance?
    Use Credit Assurance to cover 100% of the cost of goods on your Purchase Orders. If your business has been declined for business credit or "net-30" day credit terms with your suppliers, then you need Credit Assurance coverage. Business Credit Assurance coverage can assist with establishing new credit terms or raising existing credit limits with suppliers by protecting them against credit default. Credit Assurance minimizes "out-of-pocket" expenses associated with delivering on large Purchase Orders.
  • How much does Credit Assurance cost?
    Business Credit Assurance coverage subscriptions start at just $119.00 per month, plus applicable assurance fees for each Purchase Order financed. Click to see our subscriptions page for more details. If you have questions, please call our national support line at (800) 381-0073 ext. 201.

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